work out  Feb 26, 2010
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The idea for the previous comic came from a visitor who went to my old /female-orgasm comic, apparently when the site was down for a second, and thought it was a joke after reading "Female Orgasm does not exist".

So, here's a real comic so you don't feel gypped.

-swb February 26th '10
4 years ago by haruhi #61394
its a number geek
4 years ago by keanneyuki #60435
Been there, done that...
4 years ago by opsquid #59398
At first I was like, oh this is broken. Next I refreshed and actually read the error and was like, wait no it's not broken. Then I read the Apache part and was like, oh he'd never go to the trouble of that just to make a single witty comic. Finally, I realized you would and proceeded to laugh for about 10 minutes =) Thanks for today's serving of laughs. I needed them because I have become sick with what appears to be some human disease. Damn these prone-to-sickness mortals...
6 years ago by neodudecurt #29807
That last comic confused me. I started scrambling with the 'next' and 'previous' buttons before I figured it out. Brilliant.
6 years ago by pseudoleben #29806
Oh god, I feel so smart, I spotted the joke straight away. I guess my eyes have learned to seek out the word 'orgasm' very fast for some reason.
6 years ago by Dylan #29805
He could have stopped at 2.71828182845904523536 or maybe at 1.6180339887498948482
6 years ago by franciscouzo #29804
I was so confused. Sometimes other webcomics update weird over rss and it takes an hour or so for them to actually come through. I just refreshed a few times, went off and had dinner, came back and refreshed a few times. I sure felt silly when I actually noticed that it wasn't a real 404. Very funny.
6 years ago by adam #29802