Weird  Feb 22, 2010
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And then we're taking it to the white house! BLEEA!
5 years ago by Narcoleptic #40108
: ) I love this one
5 years ago by SupCheese #30935
. . . thank god. now my life can begin again.
6 years ago by mspres #29210
Welcome back!
6 years ago by walrusiam #29206
And here I was, worried that I wouldn't see another popstrip ever again. Still, the results of no comics for about 3 weeks are epic. What happened?
6 years ago by TheTaoist #29205
Yes! We demand clear explanation of what happened to you! We missed you! And highly enjoyed your return. =D Also, is anyone else amused by the fact that the second line of tags on the right reads 'Hippie Dude vs Superhero', or is it just me that is this sad?
6 years ago by Dylan #29204
Welcome back! Did your landlord disable your internet? You've been very productive. Thanks.
6 years ago by rusl #29203
Okay, so, now we know what you were doing while you were MIA, and I have to say, most of these have left me splitting my sides with LOLz.
6 years ago by keudo #29202