To Believe  Nov 15, 2012
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Jesus. It was hard to find the "logo" to comment. It is not a logo. It is just the tile of the strip...
3 years ago by Anonymous #6784
I wasn't being clear, so I'm going to try that again. What does it mean to believe something? Your friend the wealthy billionaire calls you into her office. She has a lifelong dream: she wants to see a photo of Neptune. To do it, she'll send a space shuttle to fly out and take a photo for her, but there's one last thing she needs to know. What's at the center of the solar system, the Earth or the Sun? (It changes the calculations, so if she picks the wrong one, her shuttle will never reach Neptune.) So she says to you, please help me with this, and if I do get my picture of Neptune, I'll donate a billion dollars to your favorite charity, and I'll fund swb so he can draw comics all the time. And so, you tell her. . . Whatever you answer under those circumstances is what you believe.
3 years ago by wobster109 #6779
I don't know if that's quite right. The versions I've heard usually say something about predictive power.
3 years ago by wobster109 #6771
Dictionaries define words with each other... if you know no words, it is useless, :o
3 years ago by FleckerMan #6770