Time  Oct 15, 2008
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I've been doing some "strange" strips, so I thought I'd do a "normal" one. I do have some normal readers don't I? *crickets*
-swb October 15th '08
If you look at it from a 4th dimensional (more distant/big picture) perspective, you can look at everything at once, from multiple 3 dimensional angles
5 years ago by quittle #53213
OH LOOK A FLOWER :harvests:
5 years ago by koreiryuu #31207
Assuming a model where time is a dimension, Dude (I'm presuming this is meant to be dude, not just a random character?) has a very good point. That would be like asking if someone had enough up to do something. Okay, so not really what this strip is getting at, but hey, it's relevant, and I have a good point, right? Right?
6 years ago by Dylan #27203
*obligatory Einstein comment*
6 years ago by mspres #27202