The Purpose Of Life  Feb 27, 2010
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What is the purpose of life? Does life have a purpose? Is there a target to be reached? A common goal that all life shares? The purpose of life is the common aim of life, that is, existence. The purpose of life is to survive. But could there be a higher meaning to existence? Perhaps we were created by pre-existing life for reasons unknown. Well then, what is the purpose of *that* life? Ultimately, it seems, the purpose of life can only be existence.
-swb February 27th '10
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If existence is the only case, why do relationships matter so much? You can exist witout them, but not truly live without them from my observation.
4 years ago by purplepolka #63940
if the Devil tortures and burns all being in hell, do devil worshipers burn as well? why would they do that? does the devil care if he has followers?
4 years ago by Aceoagels #62594
it always seems like the devil has the most fun.
5 years ago by destreaks111 #54843
In my opinion, the meaning of life is to live. Life is a collection of experiences, both good and bad. Its a matter of perspective, if you just live to experience as much as you possibly can then life doesn't need meaning because you're just enjoying life as it happens. Even when everything is going wrong, you can look back at those experiences and know that you are living a full life.
5 years ago by lalagirl #40736
Our minds have a finite processing power, why must it be within our comprehension what life is for when we don't even get how it works properly yet? Think of it like any foreign technology, you could try and determine what it's for by looking at it and thinking what you would design something like that for, but this is a flawed methodology. Instead, we should be looking at reverse engineering, taking everything to bits then putting it back together again, taking into account what everything is for. Presuming the creation can understand the creators motives, that is. Ever wonder what a computer would think if you tried to explain to it why you made it?
5 years ago by Dylan #26706
A purpose in life is to have a purpose in life
5 years ago by pullfaces #26705
5 years ago by walrusiam #26704
The purpose of life is to turn into plant food.
5 years ago by cliff #26703
Your comic reminds me of this illustration: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/02/what-is-time/
5 years ago by rusl #26702