The Cosmetic Effect  Mar 30, 2010
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@swb: I tell ya, there are probably more "fun" stories in games than in Movies.. Some games below are part of a series: ----- 1. Assassin's Creed>> One should shoot oneself if they never played this and worse still, if they hate it! 2. Heavy Rain (PS3 only)>> This is basically just a dramatic movie, in game form. It is AMAZING. 3. Mass Effect 4. Crysis 5. Dead Space 6. Red Dead Redemption (Console Only) And so on... There are great games with great stories... In fact, I think movies are worse of than games as you can interact in a game and effect the story. Though I do understand that in general the trend is towards degrading stories... But in games the tendency is towards great stories with mediocre to great gameplay. Of course there are games with hopeless stores as well
4 years ago by litetaker #64759
when pigs fly will the last panel come true. when pigs fly ='( @litetaker @haruhi
4 years ago by R2D2 #63755
i've never really understood peoples problems with the modern media industry... I mean, you like what you like and that's about it, right?
5 years ago by Schym #34681
Awesome, and the date's wrong.
5 years ago by cliff #25704
rofl well done, my favourite in awhile ;)
5 years ago by Duck #25703
I would pay money for this secret. Like, a whole $5 or maybe even $10. I would really pay that much.
5 years ago by keudo #25702