Teleporter  Jan 5, 2011
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Mercury's FTE rate is much higher than Earth's, so at least most of them didn't make it over here.

A new interview has been completed with the great Zach Weiner of SMBC. Feedback on the interview should go here.

-swb January 5th '11
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A sadly week comic. New York is consistently voted the most polite city in the world: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13452608/ns/us_news-life/ Or is the comic supposed to be somehow hyper-ironic? Or tragic?
5 years ago by Anonymous #54816
*Gasps for air* Uhh! I finally reached the end! I'm not buried under comics that I may or may not have read anymore! Also, confusing last panel. Is that simply America?
5 years ago by Edwhad #53583
This comic is nice.. good job swb :D
5 years ago by Yemski #53556
hey man, there is only one solar system. our sun is called Sol, hence SOLar system. you meant star system probably but im making myself sound like a pretentious ass now arnt I....
5 years ago by mavrick45 #53512
@swb when i first saw the teleporter, i thought it was something else XD good read
5 years ago by R2D2 #53481
Then once the instances of raining assholes increased to a point of extreme inconvenience, a corporation was created to deal with this situation. This organization was known as the Umbrella Corporation. I wonder what they did with all those assholes? Hmm...
5 years ago by majorpun #53436
I have a fear against every kind of teleporters, because I'm afraid the person who comes out in the other end, won't be me, but just a something similiar person.
5 years ago by pistatic #53414
hehe. btw, happy new year to all!
5 years ago by litetaker #53407
I get it now...
5 years ago by SmexygirlJojo #53403
This __would__ explain a lot...
5 years ago by RandallJohn #53398
This reminds me of the "rudolph's shiny new year" xmas special... Specifically, the song "it's raining sunshine"..... Because now I'm picturing it raining assholes instead of sunshine.... =D
5 years ago by Selkie #53384
Yep. :nodding sagely:
5 years ago by Chrysshart #53382