Tech Dude vs Genius Dude  Apr 20, 2011
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I read everyone's comments on yesterday's post. Thank you for the kindness and encouragement. I've already lost my mother and brother, so I'm no stranger to a family member dying young. I mainly worry about my cousin, who no longer has a dad. However, several people are asking how they can help me. Well, I didn't just lose a friend, I lost my job (right before getting paid for 2 months of work). So, here's how you can help:

  1. Make a donation. (I don't have any ads or merchandise yet)
  2. Share a strip that you like. (post a comic on a site like reddit, facebook, or twitter)
  3. Trip a hippie. (they'll be so high, they won't even see it coming)
-swb April 20th '11
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Holy crap, is that an infinite loop?
7 months ago by Edwhad #9543
I did no. 3, @swb
4 years ago by haruhi #67612
4 years ago by litetaker #65021
I get the point of the code, but in reality it's unlikely that your-mothers-weight will ever get close to the maximum size of an unsigned BIGINT. your-mothers-weight is probably just an int or a long, and will keep rolling over back to 0 or a very negative number.
4 years ago by charvak #62054
i like this one.
4 years ago by Skimish #60377
I'll have $40 headed to you soon. -YLDC
4 years ago by Zerp64 #60112
I do not get this, therefore I am logical and this is not.
4 years ago by ghostclone #60071
Donated. You should too.
4 years ago by thepowerhousesound #59744
Thanks for sharing about your uncle. I'm sorry for your and your family's loss. I feel ridiculous having waited until now to donate (because of how much I love reading your comics), but then I'd feel even more ridiculous waiting any longer. I hope you are able to finish that project, however long it takes.
4 years ago by tgillet1 #59728
He should have told him to weight for it.
4 years ago by majorpun #59707
I will have to wait til next Thursday but I will gladly donate. Popstrip is worth it! And I'll even give you a proper little shout-out on my comic, though not many people read it. :/
4 years ago by Chrysshart #59706
Well... img(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BWtz0E0nPak/TOM2Vf30tpI/AAAAAAAAAoU/qVhlNDuNZJQ/s1600/hippie%255B1%255D.jpg)
4 years ago by arnabiarritz #59698
for(;;) { your_mothers_weight++; }
4 years ago by foobar2k #59695
I have great respect for you. (and i am sorry i haven't donated, i still don't have a creditcard)
4 years ago by MFan #59694
in the future, i promise to donate when i have the funds =)
4 years ago by R2D2 #59693
1.I'm poor!!! I'll try though... 2.I tell all my friends to go to Popstrip... 3.Today is 4/20 so it shouldn't be hard to find a hippie
4 years ago by AngelBoy342 #59691
I feel bad for not having been through half of the shit you've been through :(
4 years ago by cballard #59687