Multimedium Mayhem  Jul 18, 2011
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erm. . . my tablet's pen *does* have an eraser end. . . and it works like an eraser. . . :D
4 years ago by Chrysshart #68851
I have never had this either, but I used to cheat on those timed online exams by screen capping when someone else was taking it so I could look up the answers before I took it.
4 years ago by keudo #68838
....I've never actually encountered this problem.. In fact the closest I've had is thinking, 'Oh, well at least I can press reset and retake the exam.... Shit. Never mind".
4 years ago by Selkie #68828
I've tried to CTRL-Z in life several times before realising there isn't one. My left hand even starts to move. Speaking of which, I have a question from 5 days ago: SWB, sir, why do you always use "Save As" and then overwrite the same file during your recorded animations, instead of just hitting Save? Doesn't that confirmation dialogue get on your nerves after a while? Also, my up key doesn't work in many browser text boxes. It's most odd.
4 years ago by Damage #68797
Ctrl S... Ctrl S, damn it! Why won't you save?!?! oh. (close note book and apologize to teacher)
4 years ago by majorpun #68796
You can actually use the other end of stylus as eraser on many tablets.
4 years ago by Suva #68794