Space Lottery  Jan 17, 2010
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I bet they're really flexible in space.
4 years ago by Samk6a #68398
That was confusing to read.
5 years ago by AngelBoy342 #50201
Lucky guy, lucky guy....
5 years ago by SupCheese #30933
Ummm Girl rule. That is all =]
5 years ago by wonderwoman #23909
I think this strip just made all my dreams come true... Out of interest, is this in relation to an actual news story, or entirely made up (like I need to ask)? I was aware that some years ago there was some NASA talk about sending a munch of seven-year-olds to mars, on the basis that with the time it would take to reach there at non-relativistic speeds they'd be about 37 by the time they got there, but I was under the impression that idea was immediately rejected?
6 years ago by Dylan #23904
where no popstrip has gone before, 2 columns!
6 years ago by rusl #23902