Shadow  Jun 26, 2009
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I done did 9 strips tonight. Should be caught up now. During my unspeakable illness I wrote a new comment system from scratch. It's groovy sauce.
-swb June 26th '09
This guy sold the rights to his shadow on ebay. His shadow is owned by some guy called eric.
5 years ago by Bloo #54473
I could barely see the shadow, and when I leaned in closer to try and read it he disappeared. Well played.
5 years ago by DrSakuyaPhD #30950
...waiting for my shadow
6 years ago by desert000 #21506
It's just too cool to be possible!
6 years ago by minus273 #21505
I have to say, the best iconless comment system I've seen ;)
6 years ago by Duck #21504
Well this is certainly a nifty comment system.
6 years ago by Zewe #21503
glad you are better. keep staying that way. excited for new strips. keep up the good work. really enjoying this comment box by the way! :)
6 years ago by madman666 #21502