Sexiness by Resolution  Dec 11, 2009
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I know that because I also draw stick figures, this graph will undoubletly cause people to think of xkcd. In my defense, Zach Weiner draws graphs too! But of course, we are the only 3 comics who do.
-swb December 11th '09
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i agree with this graph, until, that is, you get to the cellular structure. sexy stuff right there ;D
5 years ago by theboomtube #31486
Also known as the "3d pig disgusting" rule.
5 years ago by DrSakuyaPhD #30958
what's all this hoolah(cool new word I just made up) about 'XKCD'? Bit strange innit?
5 years ago by SupCheese #30795
Yeah, you need to start selling tshirts so you can do this for a living. But that would mean I would have to buy some... Maybe you should keep doing what you're doing :P
6 years ago by Matt #21404
Absolutely, no one else ever draws in stick figures. If xkcd hadn't done it, no one else would've thought about it. He deserves a Nobel Prize for stickiness, whereas you're just a copycat. COPYCAT I tell you!!! Now how about you go and copycat the heck out of selling t-shirts and crap?
6 years ago by cliff #21403
You forgot about Abstruse Goose, which incorporates stick figures in its graphs. http://abstrusegoose.com/218
6 years ago by rathersane #21402