The Sergey Spot  Sep 12, 2010
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I was thinkin'..... the problem with the Turing test is, to pass it, the computer has to convince a human, by text chat, that it itself is a human. Therefore, it must tell a terrible lie. Successfully. So basically, our criteria for computer intelligence is that it can simulate douchebaggery. This means the first "intelligent" computer will almost certainly be evil. Can someone remind me -- how are we *not* going to be immediately enslaved by these things?

Hmm. I smell another comic. That is, while I'm still allowed to make them!

-swb September 12th '10
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One of my hobbies is going to Cleverbot and breaking it. Holding a conversation so bizarre, it can't actually cope, such as claiming to be a little girl in a sex dungeon or the queen of the queen of the queen of the queen of the queen of the queen of the chickens. It's not smart enough to make some sense of the conversation, nor to give up and call the conversation nonsense, so it will give increasingly bizarre and inappropriate replies. When it claimed it could convince some people it was human, I committed myself to finding the seams in the illusion. Right now, I'm making chicken noises at it. It figured that out after a while, but continuing to do it past that point seems to confound it all over again.
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Hm. Interesting...
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I hate AI, I know someone who tried to create one/claimed they did. It was the worst. That being said, the whole "dumbing down of the human race" is precisely why I try to not become attached to electronics. People are rapidly forgetting the natural beauty and usability of the earth as they have themselves glued to the TV or cell phone.
5 years ago by freaksnproud #40255
Who says you already aren't...
5 years ago by keudo #40252
May I say that I love the traditional comic alt-text! It is a humbling return to the grass roots, if I may say so! Almost gives me goosebumps, as I think this is the "classical" web-comic style! :D And on the other side, I'm afraid that at the rate at which humans are dumbing down on an *average*, it may be only a few years before electronic gadgets start telling us what to do... Heck, there are already signs of this. There are numerous apps available that are for self-help, etc. for various devices including mobiles like iPhone. The only saving grace is that these apps were written by humans. Soon that may change... Hmm... I guess.
5 years ago by litetaker #40242
What we attempt to accomplish with the Turing test is basically a program that tries to imitate human behavior.. Which is basically a modeling scenario. We attempt to create a program that models human speech/ chat behavior. How is that different from say modeling the solar system or modeling the atom?
5 years ago by Denk #40221
What about a prequel? I do not believe we are becoming dumber as a race.. Most of the things which you might find dumb in others are probably societal issues.. I have interacted with quite a few intelligent people and I still have hope on human intelligence.. Though it must be pointed out that most of us cant write a letter on paper without making stupid spelling errors and we are slowly reaching a point of no return as far as the sustainability of Earth is concerned..
5 years ago by Denk #40215
Oh My God!!! Noooo, not another sequel of TWILIGHT!!! AAaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh... I prefer stay in the Matrix... Blue Pill! Blue Pill! Blue Pill!
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