Searching For Happiness (Part II)  May 9, 2011
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Here was Part I for anyone who missed it.

And speaking of Google, I would really like to see an end to these attacks on my mind. When Google first started doing the doodles it was cute because they would replace the random letters in the Google logo with something that looked like the letter. Not particularly clever, but cute - and at least not insulting to my cognitive resources. Then, at some point they realized we are all incredibly retarded (no offense to retarded people) and started mocking us while raping our childhood or the current holiday with shit like this:

Wtf, Google? A chair is not a "g"! The doodle artist must have thought, "Hmm, I'm too lazy to do something clever here, so I'll just draw an instrument of laziness - a chair."

Make it stop! Now, yes - I could easily use my imagination to visualize what letters are missing. But what's the point? You might as well do something like this, this or this if random nonsense is allowed. Or just erase all the letters and really put the imagination to work.

Appologies for the rant. I'm probably the only one who can't stand Google doodles.

-swb May 9th '11
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The only google thing i like is the Les Paul guitar.
4 years ago by Samk6a #68112
google doodles are just show off if you ask me... A real artist can do more than that.. I don't mean to suggest that Google doesn't hire real artists, but you get the point... Today is Les Paul's Google Doodle.. Nice but in what way is it "Google"?
4 years ago by litetaker #64617
Oh that sucks
4 years ago by haruhi #61185
same here as @bloo @swb it wont let me post in the yak room. It always sends me back to my avatar page.
4 years ago by R2D2 #61183
umad? @swb img(http://oi56.tinypic.com/29vtj8.jpg)
4 years ago by R2D2 #61050
link(This)(http://popstrip.com/s/searching-for-happiness-ii/goog-wtf.png) will haunt my dreams for years to come.
4 years ago by Bronin #60920
Thx, all ur posts r awesome!!!!
4 years ago by yeerkiller #60909
You know, I never see the Google doodles. I rarely actually go to the Google website and when I need to search I use the little bar in my toolber. Also, I use Bing. :hides:
4 years ago by Chrysshart #60769
Excelent comic... jajaja I was missing them :(
4 years ago by arnabiarritz #60764
Happiness is just a teardrop away
4 years ago by R2D2 #60758
I sincerely hope he doesn't ask him to retrace his steps...
4 years ago by majorpun #60754
I'm posting this here as I cannot post anywhere else.@swb I am on to you.(though it probably isn't your fault). I haven't been able to access the site due to my internet being out, but when I finally do gain access, it won't let me sign in. After many tries, the site allowed me to sign in when I agreed to let it keep me logged in. Little did I know, this came at a price. It would neither let me reply to any comments nor could I post a new one. After attempting to post in every room, I managed to create a comment here (I assume the site's back was turned, probably attending to it's evil spawn). Now there's either some sort of problem and the site's gone mad or it just hates me as it seems to "forget" to inform me on comments sent to me by Zadrya and "forgets" to inform the ginger of my replies (probably thinks we are plotting a revolution against it). It even had the nerve to mock me. When I was trying to sign in it would show my avatar on the sign in page as a big "SUCK IT BITCH" to me. Of course, this could all be your doing as a not-so-subtle "fuck off", but that couldn't be true, could it? Good comic btw. I would also like to add that it just attempted to delete everything I've written here, comfirming all my suspicions.
4 years ago by Bloo #60730
i'm with you. google doodles (does anybody call them goodles?) are getting a bit old.
4 years ago by SirR4T #60729
Holy project to infinity, you're alive! Awesome rant!
4 years ago by wobster109 #60728