Will I dream?  Aug 26, 2009
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In response to the comments on "Reparations" I would like to say, Fluff, you promised. Tich, yes you did. FleckerMan, clicking "Keep me signed in" should now keep you signed in for a week. Cliff, I promise shirts as soon as I have enough extra cash to pre-order some. bws12r must be on crack - Tech Dude is in like every other comic. Dread, if commenting makes you a dick, what does not commenting make you? Hmm?

Even if you guys don't like a comic, feel free to tear it to shreds. Criticism is better than dead air.

*dead air*

-swb August 26th '09
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Don't they all dream of Electronic sheep?
5 years ago by ZosXaos #53021
swb: Yes, they are.
6 years ago by bws12r #21015
Isn't there some kind of print on demand service for t-shirts? Maybe you could sell them with such a service first, and then, with that money you could pre-order shirts and minimize your costs
6 years ago by Trauco #21014
Thanks, I'd missed that link, :)
6 years ago by FleckerMan #21013
"bws12r must be on crack - Tech Dude is in like every other comic." Well being on crack is apart from the point. The point being, is it the real Tech Dude? Its just another dude, real Tech Dude is so bitter and cold.. *note to self* DO NOT CHEW on COMICS.
6 years ago by bws12r #21011
Pre-ordering rocks! Wish I'd thought of it myself. It's almost like a voting system, but you need to pay. Hmm.
6 years ago by cliff #21010
hooray for mouse over text!
6 years ago by madman666 #21009
Yay, thank you, :) I believe you should move the sign-in form to the page with the register link, rather than an extra link click to sign-in, for better flow. I can't see you getting stuck with T-shirts, as long as you pick the right imagery, :) One method I've seen used is deciding the design (or designs) then taking pre-orders to gauge interest, and help avoid over-ordering or having too many in stock. (The option to refund pre-orders is there if it's needed, if you don't get enough interest in a design or there are other complications)
6 years ago by FleckerMan #21005
T-shirts! Niiiiiiiiiiiiice! Sucks that you need to pre-order them (and possibly get stuck with them). What's with the changing background colors?
6 years ago by cliff #21004
Me like!
6 years ago by viola #21003
EEk, sorry... I only just saw Simple Man along with this one just now. Blech. As for this one. Meep. Personally I've always wondered whether robots could dream myself. It's a bit creep if you think about it too hard. If one did, and began to develop its own sense of self, would we ever have a right to turn it off or tell it what to do? And what would happen if it was virused into nothingness? Is there an after-ifcial-life?
6 years ago by Fluff #21002