sacred document burning  Sep 11, 2010
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Fun to say: demonstration anticipation
-swb September 11th '10
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4 years ago by haruhi #67260
aww sad.
4 years ago by haruhi #64690
I don't want anyone to burn any books! I <3 books.
5 years ago by Corin #40537
I feel the pain TD, I feel the pain. You can always go to your computer and program a C program to explain to your compiler that it was not your fault. Lets pray that your compiler is a benign being and forgives you and your devil girlfriend! :P
5 years ago by litetaker #40248
Do you C, TD? Do you C what happens when you anger your girlfriend, who happens to be an overzealous, religious person? Never anger a woman, especially if she is in any sort of relationship with you, esp. if she is your girlfriend and *especially* if she has previously shown signs of "the crazies". And secondly, Oh. My. God! She burnt C! The devil that she is! Burnth thy witch at the stake!
5 years ago by litetaker #40245
Oh Migty Monty Python?s Book!
5 years ago by arnabiarritz #40172
Oh Tech Dude!! You can borrow my book!!
5 years ago by Denk #40164
I don't much care if people want to burn books - it's only a matter of ignorance. I care more about the reactions some groups will have to such a thing. Burning the American flag means die-hard patriots will be pissed. Burning the bible means die-hard Christians will be pissed. Burning the Qur'ran means die-hard Islamic extremists will be pissed. Well, more than they already are.
5 years ago by keudo #40162
Oh no someone burned a book so lets get defensive and argue over it. Seriously, I never understood why people get upset over book burnings, or even have the desire to burn books. The thing about that is, books are always being made, re-published and unless the master draft or the last remaining copy has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, there is going to always be a record and or draft to be re-printed by a person who wishes for it to be noticed. The only thing I can find to get upset about is if it's your own personal effect. You know, like bought it. Aside from that, I really don't see the point in all of it. Expressing? Ok, so you don't like to book or the idealism behind it...Don't read it. There's always something to take from it. I find destruction of any type, whether it be burning books, flags, etc for a "cause" rather ignorant and really doesn't give it a positive outlook on the whole thing. In all honesty, do you really want to give a hateful, ignorant outlook towards your cause? I don't care what the reason is, there are and always will be a better way to express your opinion. Especially since we're supposed to be in an age of high learning and development. I guess some really want to hark back to the "old days". Whether you burned a bible in front of me or some other "holy" object, I could care less. Unless, like I said, it was a personal effect. Then I would just be annoyed at the fact that I'd have to go buy another -.-
5 years ago by Baron-Von-Bullsh-t #40159
Personally, I feel that the destruction of property is wasteful, and that opinion doesn't waver depending on the property in question. However, I have burned books as a revenge thing. My ex-stepdad threw out some books of mine so that he could "save my soul," so when he left, I burned some of his. It was cheap and easy therapy. So I guess I'm a hypocrite, and I don't care. Revenge was charred. Although I didn't burn any religious books. Well, okay, just fundamentalist pamphlets and crap like that.
5 years ago by lily #40158
With python, python burns you! All hail import inferno()!
5 years ago by zipeater #40156
Poor C book... :'(
5 years ago by wsduvall #40151
I just thought this was funny, I have no heavy opinion lol. I hate book burnings because I love books, I would be just as upset about burning the Harry Potter series as I would be about the Bible (actually that happened and I was upset hahaha). But I like the point the girlfriend made, it's only because it's not important to him that he doesn't care. If someone burned *a* Bible I would be like "wow you're dumb". If someone burned MY Bible I would hit them over the head with a cleaver.
5 years ago by freaksnproud #40150
IMO considering all the hateful stuff done by Muslim extremists towards Americans (Reference the video released of them cutting off an American POW's head, not with an axe or sword or anything suitable, but with a little knife that required sawing through the neck, and then holding the head aloft screaming about Allah. Or the desecration of US Soldiers bodies by the Somalians ((See Blackhawk Down, that really did happen)) who were Muslim exremists) burning the Koran Qu'ran whatever you call it isn't something as terrible as they keep making it out to be. It's a free country, expression of yourself is a right we all have. Would I be upset if they burned the bible, moderately, would I go kill Muslims for it, or threaten them because of it? No. The government has advised against it due to a "danger to US troops" I hate to fucking break it to you but it's war. People with guns are trying to kill them already, burning or not burning isn't going to change that a whole lot. Let the man express his beliefs. This is simply my opinion and in no way reflects the opinions of anyone but myself.
5 years ago by Bronin #40145
If it wasn't for that last panel I may have actually been offended.
5 years ago by Klagis #40136