This is only a ride.  Jul 15, 2011
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Btw, we're launching a new webcomic today called Short Attention Span. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

It's me, the Turbosloth guy, 4 other webcomic guys he found (Jeff, Matt, Max, and Noel), and our own Crysshart.

-swb July 15th '11
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Well, there would have to be a test wouldn't there? In order to see how many faux-choices and how much paranoia it takes to act really out of the ordinary. They would have to take this into account otherwise the programer of engineer is making a system that by design has at least a chance at producing random elements and factor. Assuming everyone responds at least slightly diffidently and only lives once, then you have some degree of randomness, even with said engineer or programmer. This is assuming that the engineer or programmer does not change their plan mid-way. But the chance still is there. Hopefully I didn't tie myself into a logical knot and not notice. But hey, would would read this?
4 years ago by Dester #68790
What does it matter? What predictive power does this theory yield? Free will is probably an illusion - or rather, cognitive shortcut - but it's a very convenient shortcut. Also, I would make some comment about "Short Attention Span", but I think that's probably already been done to what was I talking about again? ~Life is just a dream, you know, that's never-ending~
4 years ago by 7598462153 #68629
Mu numbered list has only one item: 1) GO READ SHORT ATTENTION SPAN! :D
4 years ago by Chrysshart #68603
1) Numbered lists seem to be the order of the day. 2) Numbered lists seem to be the pretty fun today. 3) Numbered lists seem to be the hard to make all the same length so I'll stop but I'm proud of having two of them that way today. 4) This is almost pertinent to the comic, I'm getting to that. 5) Why yes I have been drinking, why haven't you? 6) This sort of thinking will drive you insane. 7) This is why I don't think this way unless I've had a LOT to drink and can piece my way through it. 8) My numbered list is longer than yours. 9) I have nearly hit double digits with my numbered list. 10) I figure if it's all predetermined, it makes no difference to me. 11) If I have the illusion of choice, and it makes me think that I have a choice, and it makes me happy, then why would that illusion be inadequate? 12) My numbered list blows yours out of the water. 13) If it's all predetermined, then it's all bullshit. 14) If none of it is predetermined, then it's all bullshit. 15) If it's all predetermined than the part where you are trying to figure out if it's predetermined is predetermined. 16) Why bother worrying about all of this when you can just sorta roll with the flow? 17) My numbered list has a question mark. 18) In the words of The Real McKenzies- "Enjoy what ye've got, nay what ye have not tis the weak heart lamentin with sorrow. For when the day seems cursed, it could always be worse. It's the best day till tomorrow." 19) You know what, just go youtube that shit because it's epic and sums up a LOT of my life philosophy. 20) I know you are lazy. 21) You should probably just youtube that whole band for a look into the philosophy of the Bronin. 22) I mean really they have basically said everything that I ever wanted to say at one point or another. 23) Paul McKenzie is my fucking hero for being an old punk rocker that still tears it the fuck up. 24) My point here is that if you spend all your time worrying you'll miss out on a lot of fun. 25) It's better to regret having done something, than to regret not having done it. 26) Why are you still reading this? 27) You should be out buying yourself a bottle of whiskey. 28) I suggest Jameson, it's deliiiiicious. 29) I'm sure @arnabiarritz will read this and have something stupid to say so I'll just tag him here. 30) When you read this and say something stupid, refer to number 31 for me. 31) Fuck you. 32) Have a drink, sit back, and contemplate all the cool shit you have, and realize it's going to be ok no matter what the fuck happens, so long as you keep on keepin on and trying, you will win at life. 33) Unless you're @arnabiarritz . 34) Hispanics NEVER win. 35) Hispanics only win when it comes to a contest of who can fuck the most donkeys. 36) Not even goats, but donkeys. 37) Go look it up, I'm sure wikipedia has something to say about it. 38) Wow, my list REALLY blows yours out of the water, It's been entertaining to write. 39) I hope you have been entertained by my list. 40) I hope you have picked the good parts out of my list and realized that while it's worth a chuckle there's some pretty solid shit in here. 41) @arnabiarritz can die in a fire. 42) Oh come on you HAD to know I'd end on this number.
4 years ago by Bronin #68582
1) you cant call your life a ride. I mean, what exactly are you riding? time? 2) If life decisions were really made by a programmer, then we would all be like some variable within a function. Have a valid scope and meaning for sometime within the program. 3) Awesome multiple bonus panels!!!
4 years ago by Denk #68571