Reparations  Aug 24, 2009
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So I'm considering removing the comment feature from this site. You know, because no one uses it.
-swb August 24th '09
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4 years ago by leiser #68859
ooo oooo here's a comment! *bops you on the head* cheque :P
6 years ago by Trix #20509
I post on comics I like :) And even those I don't. I also sometimes don't post on comics I like. It depends on my mood. So please dont remove this uber cool feature!!
6 years ago by Matt #20508
I just don't want to be a dick and post on every single comic...
6 years ago by dread #20507
You need to bring back Techdude. Comments shall appear.
6 years ago by bws12r #20506
No one uses it? Speak for yourself, swb. I'd use it more often, but signing in sox. And we still need T-Shirts.
6 years ago by cliff #20505
In-situe login, or cookie remembering would make me comment waaay more often, :) I'm lazy! Pwease don't remove it, it's cools. :(
6 years ago by FleckerMan #20504
Wait I commented too! (Check the iPhone comic) :)
6 years ago by tich #20503
Oh! Uh, sorry. I always meant to register earlier, but, you know. 332 things favourited lengthens the to-do list. I promise I'll comment on your next comics here T.T
6 years ago by Fluff #20502