Real Life: Video Game Review  Nov 18, 2012
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Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment yesterday. I know the half-broken comment system is kind of a pain because of the three extra clicks, but hopefully I'll have a chance to finish the new comment system soon.
-swb November 18th '12
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I'd argue about the poor soundtrack, there are some quite enjoyable hidden [music](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50azfP_GayI). (just like you wrote, I see), ignore the other. Oh and here's something: You've created a community, which in it's golden ages counted more than ten daily active members, who participated in discussions, read and talked over your comics and ideas, watched your videos, and listened to your music (even if there was obly a few). I'm used to be a part of this community, and I could say I had a good time. You've already created more than most people will do in their life, so that's something to be proud of. So man up, you've got a place to run, you have to catch up to the numbers of the old site's traffic and surpass it.
3 years ago by pistatic #6845
Please don't suicide! Then you'll never pet a kitty again :(
3 years ago by wobster109 #6833
Definitely and optimist! lol, I really enjoyed this. It made me imagine my life being a video and like "crap! I just had that pen in my inventory" .. watch me be thinking like that now tomorrow. Anyway, it was really well done and your expression in the picture is funny.
3 years ago by freaksnproud #6825
You look so cool! As my male friends say, "Id tap dat." Anyway I like the idea of seeing life as a game. I've always wondered what makes one person's life better than another. "How come I'm short while another guy is tall?" It really makes you think. But the best part of life being a game is that you can do anything you want. Well you can't go on a killing spree, or have sex with anybody, or bend the fabrics of time and space. But anyway, the best thing about life is that there is always something a person can do to make it better. Be it talking with friends or eating a bunch of Twinkies (which is sad because they are bankrupt...). A person doesn't always have to be sad or mad or happy. The power to be anything you feel like it is what's the best. This post may not be relevant or even related to anything lol but i just think that life really is a game and that being able to mess with it is fun. And also, i saw genitals as being on the good side. Not when an air soft gun shoots a bullet at it. Then it is not a good thing...
3 years ago by R2D2 #6820