Prince Frylet  Apr 25, 2010
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i like this...... especially when dude is coughing
4 years ago by keanneyuki #60423
Pretty sure I'm in love with their voices
5 years ago by ashieme #47569
Stumbled here two days ago and have been in the process of reading from the beginning... This is totally my favourite yet. Then again, I'm a theatre person... I guess I'm biased. ^_^
5 years ago by Selkie #36427
I just find it funny that dude actually knows the script
5 years ago by freaksnproud #30768
Whoever did Dude's voice is amazing!!
5 years ago by Denk #19703
'...END THEM!' Dude is passionate in his parodising. He is so awesome.
5 years ago by Dylan #19702