Guest strip by Extra Ordinary  Oct 29, 2009
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hey popstrip readers! I'm Li from exocomics.com and I swapped comics with Steve for the day. You can check out his comic here :)
-Li October 29th '09
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Sorry but I seem confused by the posture of the dog on the chain... Hate to be Nit Picker.
4 years ago by jahudson #68368
Is this a reference to Powers of 10?
5 years ago by phyzome #42814
Nice hommage to xkcd :)
6 years ago by Zagor #19603
Interesting... I've read Extra Ordinary's strips when I saw it mentioned here. I liked Li's pencil style and the strips as well :P This guest strip thing was nice too. I would like to suggest you both to switch your drawing and subject's styles and do this exercise again. I think it would be even more interesting :)
6 years ago by marvila #19602