The Peculiar Pact of the Panicked Peppers  Nov 5, 2012
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I do realize this is not how biological evolution works. Organisms do not consciously change their genes. But genes do randomly mutate by various mechanisms and once in a great while there's a mutation that makes the organism slightly more likely to pass his genes on to future generations.
I'm not sure if spiciness is a defense to prevent animals from consuming, a delicious adaptation that encourages us to grow them ourselves, or a man made selection feature like those tiny yapper dogs.
-swb November 5th '12
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Alright men, ready your weapons! We're going in hot.
3 years ago by majorpun #6518
Why am I imagining a spicy little yappy dog, in a pitta? :)
3 years ago by FleckerMan #6513
Perfect Popstrip Post Pal!
3 years ago by arnabiarritz #6511