pen laser  Feb 20, 2010
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And just when kitty thought he'd FINALLY caught one of those damn red dots
4 years ago by jahudson #68363
I still love this. Just letting you know.
5 years ago by thelionskake #34276
I dislike cats, they're stinky.
5 years ago by SupCheese #30914
thats just awful. . .which of course means full of awe . . . which of course has more awe than awesome which only has some awe . . . so it is more awesome than awesome.
5 years ago by nahkaimurrao #18404
Movie theatre antics, vaporizing cats, and pedantic comic strip readers.
5 years ago by Tomsninjaclan #18403
High intensity. High power doesn't necessarily mean what you want it to mean here. Is this at all inspired by the recent success with USAF laser missile defences, I wonder?
6 years ago by Dylan #18402