My Wonderful Childhood (Part 4)  Sep 30, 2010
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I present a more upbeat theme from my childhood today, so that R2D2 won't have to slit his third wrist. Wait -- robots don't have people wrists!
-swb September 30th '10
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Stupid dozers! Why do they have to ruin everything? On a side note, did they doze it to make room for a bypass? If so, at least you can rest assured that it was for a good purpose. I mean, they've gotta build bypasses, right? And surely you had a chance to go down to your local planning office and lodge a formal complaint. :dies laughing:
5 years ago by Chrysshart #41592
The farm I grew up on had a 10 acre backyard that was never used for anything but what us kids wanted. We built forts much like that, and when I was 14 we dug a bunch of trenches 4 feet deep all around the field, took us all summer, and we ended up having the best paintball battlefield EVAR.
5 years ago by keudo #41557
Don't you hate bulldozers? They are for killing zombies not trees...
5 years ago by AngelBoy342 #41555
Dude I wish I lived where I do right now before they totally screwed the whole place over with houses.
5 years ago by Corin #41545
Reminds me of whay my friends and I used to do back in Arizona...
5 years ago by mishugina #41540
Ahh.. Poor @R2D2.. You made him slit his leg now!!
5 years ago by Denk #41531