META MAN  Nov 29, 2010
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Angry humping man is awesome.
4 years ago by Samk6a #68535
Angry Humping Man is so small in this strip and in the other one he was as big as a volcano lol
5 years ago by R2D2 #50521
5 years ago by chanux #50264
@swb Actually what you have here and what makes all of us enjoy these clobs is that they are drawn crappily using stick figures.. Just like I prefer stick avatars over the actual picture of the person..
5 years ago by Denk #50220
You know, i actually expected to see angry humping man in the previous comic, humping the leg of the great cat judge, but instead it was Jimmy Wales. Then I expecte Jimmy staring down Meta Man and I got Angry humping Man! Kudos to you for screwing with my expectations, sir.
5 years ago by Chrysshart #50080
I didn't know you called these "drafts" they are way better then what a lot of people would consider a webcomic. I would hope I would know having 80 webcomics bookmarked for continuous viewing (those are only the ones that are still going I've actually read more then that) this being the only one I really feel like commenting on.
5 years ago by Corin #50072
Aww, "as good of a punchline as you're going to get" always comes out perfectly awesome anyhow. . . Popstrip is distinctive like no other with a sense of humor like no other; it can pull hilarity out of anything and everything, even nothing-at-all, and I absolutely adore the see-through heads <3
5 years ago by wobster109 #50060
Man, as far as these "drafts" go, they're my favorite comic on the web right now. If you go back and add more to the old ones, they just wont be the same. Not that they'll be worse, just strange.
5 years ago by OneWingedAngel42 #50059
Don't get me wrong, but is this the reason why you put strips in the hidden archive? And are you trying to tell something with this comic? :P
5 years ago by Jeff #50050
The humping man will NEVER get old.
5 years ago by wsduvall #50047
WWWRT? (What Would Will Rogers Think?)
5 years ago by Treblemaker #50016
So you're forcing all of us to settle with your craptastic comic drafts? Wow, thanks for making me feel like such a moron for liking your stuff, since I obviously must be such if your comics aren't actually comics, just drafts for comics. Which makes me wonder where you post the final drafts.
5 years ago by keudo #50007
I've always thought that the stick figures were epic because they leave so much to your imagination. If "tech dude" is a stick figure with glasses my visualization of him could be completely different from someone elses, but each of our visualizations would ideally reflect how we'd like to perceive tech dude. So everyone gets the ideal experience. =)
5 years ago by Bronin #49996
This is a whole new level of talking to yourself.
5 years ago by Bloo #49990
I can't imagine any other com-... I mean draft-artist that can pull this off and make it superbly awesome! :-)
5 years ago by majorpun #49984
@swb I always wondered why you called every single strip 'drafts' since I've always known you would never actually go back and remake every single one. Didn't want to ask because I feared I'd get my definition of the word 'draft' completely overhauled like that time we had the 'the meaning of "cool"' conversation and my vocabulary has forever since been changed...
5 years ago by cballard #49940
The beauty of art is the fluidity of its definition. Just because you only spent a half hour creating it doesn't mean it's not art. "Art" is anything that's been created. Don't discount yourself just because you didn't spend a large amount of time on it. I think part of the beauty of this strip is that the illustrations make your meanings clearer. Sometimes people lose sight of that, distracted by all the shiny, flashing lights and such.
5 years ago by lily #49938
img(http://a0.twimg.com/profile_images/1127577808/mm9-mega-man-sprite1_normal.gif) what else would be needed in those stips? it IS a complete webcomic. Now stop being so desperate, and make some more cool stuff! (no pressure)
5 years ago by pistatic #49937
Very funny, thanks SWB for you half hour/ day. Your drafts are very amusing, often insightful.
5 years ago by adam #49936
Awesome. Just sheer awesomeness.
5 years ago by Zadrya #49935
Meta man is my new hero :P
5 years ago by Delineation #49934