Me vs Toaster  Nov 10, 2009
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I'm working on some popsickle videos for an upcoming project of mine. This is my first video test. I still haven't decided whether I'll do them as Flash or standard video. But I posted this one early today, so I can work out any bugs you guys might find.
-swb November 10th '09
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I just screamed. Really, I did. I'm very jumpy...
5 years ago by Philosoraptor #51215
This would also be amazing as a GIF.
5 years ago by phyzome #42826
Lol Lol Lol xD
5 years ago by 3meeghaan #33805
I honestly just keep watching this. It's awesome.
6 years ago by keudo #15516
I rolled around on the floor for like 15 minutes!! More of those and you will kill me!!!!!!!! I want to die like that!!
6 years ago by Oliver #15514
Brilliant. Looks like your videos are popular. Don't let them take time away from 909sickle though. We want more there!
6 years ago by Dylan #15513
LOL. Hilarious.
6 years ago by lily #15512
Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! I love it!
6 years ago by keudo #15511
Completely, utterly off-topic, but it looks like your links are not working? Previous doesn't go back to the-goodbye; in fact the-goodbye appears to be ... stranded. On purpose?
6 years ago by cliff #15510
His voice is exactly the way I used to think it would be. Also, I just noticed bws is swb.reverse.
6 years ago by bws12r #15508
Whose voice it is? It seems like Forrest Gump.
6 years ago by Omne #15505
Loved the video itself. The sound, well, he didn't sound like Dude. That's because I never even thought of what Dude would sound like. Flash is good for this.
6 years ago by cliff #15504
I loved it.
6 years ago by dread #15503
I had the sound off initially and was thoroughly disappointed - I had loved the original comic. Once I discovered that there was sound at the start it was much better. I'm going to watch it again...
6 years ago by adam #15502