Me vs Toaster  Feb 8, 2009
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-swb February 8th '09
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Even if he did technically flinch, it doesn't matter as much because we can't see his eyes.
2 months ago by Edwhad #9584
I try and stab it with a knife when it pops out in mid air.
4 years ago by Samk6a #68389
i dont think its possible to not flinch
4 years ago by Aceoagels #62525
i try to shoot the toast with my fingers the moment it pops.
4 years ago by musicalfusion #60593
This is genious.
4 years ago by Pekingpuma #53050
I do the exact same thing.
4 years ago by BWRThorn #50656
I do the same thing, little buddy. I do the same thing. haha
5 years ago by KarriKrazor #42962
Horror movie references are cool.
5 years ago by Angelo #31235