Lost Then Found  Jan 21, 2010
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For example, my class ring managed to fall in the only 3/4 inch hole in the floorboards out of 1440 in^2 floorspace.
4 years ago by jahudson #68365
4 years ago by haruhi #67297
I'm not sure if this is a really funny joke, or misplaced image files.
5 years ago by universalhat #32818
same here, but it's still really funny looool
5 years ago by SupCheese #30801
the panels 4,5 and 6 aren't visible and i get a 404 when i ty to access them via the link in the sourcecode.
5 years ago by redinzane #30652
I never find the thing until after I don't need it anymore - after I've bought a new one... A month ago I had to make these ridiculously small parts on the lathe and it was a major hassle because we don't have small enough tools to do it practically. I was so relived when I finished the 6th and last part. Then about to install the part, I lost one on the shop floor. Way too small to find. So I had to make another. I'm still sore about that.
6 years ago by rusl #14205
Since you posted the second video, I can't get dude's voice out of my head when I read the comic :)
6 years ago by nedim #14202