Let There Be God  Jul 24, 2010
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I liked the *processing* best, lol
3 years ago by haruhi #7261
No, once we know everything, we will know better than to call ourselves gods.
5 years ago by Fred #53388
Made some more gifs. http://popstrip.com/gifs/giving-up.gif http://popstrip.com/gifs/blue-yellow.gif http://popstrip.com/gifs/an-x-for-a-y.gif I should be releasing these as strips when I don't have time to do one. Instead, you get them now. (Pointless factoid: Giving Up was the first POPsickleSTRIP to be done in the frames format)
5 years ago by swb #31997
when we accept that we will never know everything then there will be no need for god(s). besides the problem is not considering god as the unknown, but resting on that and not living your life with the things you know
5 years ago by Xarxarias #31996
Will we ALL feel like Gods or will only the people that know everything and understand everything be gods?
5 years ago by cballard #31995