Lemons From Life  Mar 18, 2011
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Multi-Gigabit/second DDoS attack... check

Database spontaniously corrupts itself... check

No backups for popstrip server... check

Hopefully that explains why a month's worth of comments are gone. I appologize, but there's not much I could have done about it. Luckily, I had made a personal database backup a month ago - otherwise, multiple months of comments would have been lost. Several things had to go wrong at once for this happen, so at least it's unlikely to happen again.

I shouldn't complain. Things could be worse. The winters are ruthless here in Nebraska, but at least we don't get tsunamis. The only thing worst than a natural disaster with too many consonants is one that kills people. I just noticed that it happened on my birthday. I would have noticed earlier had I remembered I had a birthday.

-swb March 18th '11
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man... looks like a sh** deal. Btw, if life throws lemons at ya, I make a lemonade. If you don't plus 1 that, then you suck!
4 years ago by litetaker #65026
Are you a script writer for Valve? People who player Portal 2 know why.
4 years ago by MFan #60188
@swb, you think the winters are bad in Nebraska? Michigan doesn't even have spring. That's how bad it's over here.
4 years ago by cballard #58672
If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic...
4 years ago by Bloo #58442
could Lemon-god make a Lemon-Life so sour that He Himself could not tolerate it?
4 years ago by EggNogAdam #58417
@swb I would sing 'happy birthday' to you, but 1) This is the puter and I'm not good at puters. 2) I don't feel like it. 3) Copyright infringement agents have been watching me like hawks lately. So, Happy day celebrating your mother having to push you out of her vag. I hope you appreciate her pain.
4 years ago by Selkie #58377
Why would somebody want to DDOS this site... man people can be douchenozzles.
4 years ago by wsduvall #58357
@swb Felicem tibi natalem diem!! And don't worry about the lemons of life... its better than getting a whole bunch of cherries... cause then it'd just be pit-a-ful. or at least your trash can would be.
4 years ago by majorpun #58283
Happy birthday for you swb! And don't worry, we'll quickly fill what was lost with even more img(http://i54.tinypic.com/sv72i9.png) witty and ingenious remarks!
4 years ago by zipeater #58280
Well happy belated birthday, for what its worth. And you're right, far worse things could've happened to you.
4 years ago by Chrysshart #58269
Better the comments than the comics...
4 years ago by 7598462153 #58217
Well happy birthday, you should still give me lots of bonus points, and everyone needs to feel sorry for me since I'm sick. Like, puking my intestines every time I go to the bathroom sick.
4 years ago by keudo #58216
Well, now we have yet another reason te read all the comics again :)
4 years ago by Varengas #58215
Guys.. Its ok.. We shall make up for the lost one month worth of comments!!
4 years ago by Denk #58213