Kitchen Rules  Jan 11, 2013
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I found this old sign I made for the kitchen back when I used to live with my rather messy brother. This was many years ago and I had completely forgotten about it. It's always amusing to read psychotically crazed kitchen signs, but what makes this one funny to me is the unemotional matter of fact tone.
-swb January 11th '13
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Unemotional matter of fact tones are always funny.
3 years ago by freaksnproud #7336
lol i love this im going to use it for my roommates. got any for cleaning the bathroom?
3 years ago by cry8wolf9 #7226
This is great. Would have been useful back when I had roommates. However, might print it off anyway as a reminder for myself. :o)
3 years ago by Anonymous #7225
Aw, I was really hoping for some super sarcastic step seven as a hidden panel. Still, I like this! Might print it out for my flatmates.
3 years ago by Anonymous #7222
Nice, :) Thanks for sharing this and the story behind it!
3 years ago by FleckerMan #7215