Haiku  Jan 27, 2010
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Less cynical version:

Haiku, a poem

five beats, then seven, then five

ends as it began.

-swb January 27th '10
my name is joe bob i live in a large purple rock i eat cheesy bread
4 years ago by Samk6a #68098
A Doctor with a fake PhD Wrote a poem with five lines, not three. While he was writing his trash, Firefox suddenly crashed! "I should've written it more quickly."
5 years ago by DrSakuyaPhD #30960
haiku are awesome but sometimes they don't make sense refrigerator
5 years ago by 7598462153 #9407
I believe that "goes" is only one syllable. Unless you pronounce poem as po-em.
6 years ago by walrusiam #9404
Heh, I'd have said here was two syllables, personally, but it can be two or one, depending on how you accent it, I guess. It's difficult to write a poem with only seventeen syllab...
6 years ago by Dylan #9402