hacker failure  Aug 28, 2009
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Tech Dude is new at this.
-swb August 28th '09
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What did I say about the REAL Tech Dude and comments again? Oh hells yeah.
6 years ago by bws12r #9309
Love it!
6 years ago by Matt #9308
Nice, :)
6 years ago by FleckerMan #9307
Nice one! Looks like Tech Dude needs some help decrypting his password. The md5 hash reads "cracked", if anyone's interested. :)
6 years ago by baffo #9306
If he knows the MD5 hash, he could find his password. MD5 being insecure and all.
6 years ago by Green #9305
Eesh. I feel techdude's pain. "But I DON'T like to eat broccoli, you stupid system!" *later* Oh yeah, I'm a vegetarian, and they don't like to eat meat. Heheheh.
6 years ago by Fluff #9304
Now how long until someone figures out the hash in the alt text?
6 years ago by Chippy #9303
Haha awesome!
6 years ago by tich #9302