GUN MAN  Nov 20, 2009
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This is my 3rd video and the first one with Dude and Tech Dude. I'm not sure if I'm pleased with it or not. After a year of only hearing their voices in my head, it's strange hearing them out loud. They're not perfect, but they're not too far off. Yes, I hear voices!
-swb November 20th '09
Yeah, the sound was off for the whole thing for me. The sound was about ten seconds before the video. I haven't had this problem with any of the other videos yet.
6 years ago by henrietta #9211
love the voices. not how i imagined them, but even better. "Me vs Toaster" forever.
6 years ago by nahkaimurrao #9210
I had the same problem (sound/video synch) using Xandros on my Eeepc. I also had some trouble with comments (had to switch to another pc to make this comment). I do quite like the play button on the videos.
6 years ago by adam #9209
I like tech dudes' voice. Not how I imagined it, but then, I automatically imagine everyone with British accents, so I shouldn't be surprised. Um, for some reason, the sound and video don't run at the same speed on my computer. As in, I here the end about ten seconds before I see it. Don't know whether this is something to do with my internet connection, my computer, or something on your end, but just letting you know, in case it's not just a problem I'm having...
6 years ago by Dylan #9204
Tech Dude does sound closer to what Tech Dude sounded like in my head too!
6 years ago by cliff #9203
I love dude's reasoning to always make his arguments right. Oh and I think you should add account password recovery/management next.
6 years ago by austin #9202