DCD  May 30, 2011
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My brother's once spent months building an entire lego city. I mean we had cases filled with legos and they just got to working for months just building and then adding it to their "block" which gradually grew and grew filled with lego buildings including hospitals, restaurants, houses, roads etc. All this without plans or instructions on how to build anything. Their creativity knew no bounds as they built for weeks and weeks, each day coming back from school and thinking "what is this city missing?" and then just building whatever they thought of completely improvised. 2 months later, they had a huge thing going on and they were oh so proud of their accomplishments. I mean, lego got them away from **The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time**. Have you ever played that game? It's **THE** game and everyone in the 90s knew it, yet these two kids decided their megapolis was more awesome than OoT... Everything was cool and dandy for months as they continued until one faithful morning something happened that rocked our household's world worse than that time my dad got transferred to another country and we all moved. Oh this was a bad day. One day, a kid saw the metropolis and decided he wanted to play with it. Sadly, this kid was not of age to understand the hard work that had been put forward to build it. All he saw was another toy ready to be tossed around. Infused with the energy only kids are capable of achieving, this kid went on a rampage and destroyed the entire city. Picture Godzilla going through Tokyo and destroying everything. That's what it looked like. Now I'm ashamed to accept the fact that that kid, was me. Thankfully my mother was capable of preventing my death at the hands of my two older brothers but to this day, I'm still not allowed to forget it. It is something for which forgiveness has never been reached.
4 years ago by cballard #66484
U dunno what the benefit of DCD is? i think it is to destroy what others make and build it urself. Then destroy their confidence to say anything to you.. By the way, the Wall street and the political leaders of the world all have DCD...
4 years ago by litetaker #64883
No, I didn't... Destroying your own sand castle is fun. Watching someone else destroy it is heart-breaking.
4 years ago by Selkie #63724
This is such a sand story... that guy seems like such a beach.
4 years ago by majorpun #63646
it's fun when you do that, but it's even more fun when you kick sand in their eyes while destroying it.
4 years ago by R2D2 #63584
Definitely... I have Obsessive-Clicking Disorder... and many many others disorders that I really enjoy...
4 years ago by arnabiarritz #63501
4 years ago by keudo #63475
I have obsessive hovering disorder. Does anyone know of a remedy?
4 years ago by adam #63468
"Biological benefit"? I guess it's all about being noticed. If you're the loudest monkey, or the most colorful peacock, you get the attention of the opposite sex. That gives you the chance to "increase your fitness", ahem, biologically speaking. Heck, doing something that captures others' attention is its own reward for some people.
4 years ago by scraimer #63467
i'd think principles similar to Schadenfreude are involved...
4 years ago by SirR4T #63466
I don't know about biological benefits but, personally, it provides great personal amusement.
4 years ago by Bloo #63463