Curb Your Indifference  Sep 26, 2010
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See, I met a man who told me once
"Sincerity's the key
And once you learn to fake it
Son you're gonna be home free"
--Dennis Deyoung

Sadly, true honesty is one of the most generally hated qualities a person can have. Even those who claim to appreciate it can seldom handle even a tiny bit of it themselves. Those who simply say what others want to hear will always advance farther in society so long as ego inflation is valued higher than the truth. In fact, the current stage of humor we are at is mostly based on the concept of revealing these suppressed truths, if only for a second. This behavior is probably the largest roadblock to human growth and is also one the great ironies in life. What people perceive as sincerity is usually the exact opposite of sincerity.

-swb September 26th '10
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Be honest... just with that part of the truth that is not unkind. Instead of being honest by saying you dislike something about a person, give them a true complement make a positive suggestion about the issue. 'Those pants make you look fat' = "You have such great legs - why don't you wear your black jeans? They really show you off." You don't have to be unpleasant to be truthful, and if you are asked to be blunt, you could then say gently 'Those pants aren't very flattering; I think they're cut wrong for you.'
3 years ago by Anonymous #7408
Fuck, that's true. I called this girl an andriod once. She's actually really cool. We're friends now.
5 years ago by Edwhad #53011
Apparently I'm an android. Fortunately, this is correct.
5 years ago by lucasban #41734
Definitely one of the best comics i've seen. Especially becuase i can't read people to save my life.
5 years ago by Schym #41270
Funny anecdote: Once a girlfriend saw me lie to my parents to their face with such a straight face and perfect tone she told me she could never trust me again...
5 years ago by cballard #41268
Boo-ya, android lovin.
5 years ago by ARM #41261
I'm colorblind and that yellow makes this impossible to read...
5 years ago by wsduvall #41258
So horribly true. Speaking of horrible, @swb, what ever happened with that ISP you were dealing with a while back? One2One or whatever the were called. :too lazy to go back and look it up myself:
5 years ago by Chrysshart #41253
So true. People really do over-analyze things. Just because I'm not grinning like a vapid little girl doesn't mean I'm plotting your death. If I were plotting your death, I'd at least tell you about it beforehand.
5 years ago by lily #41238
Haha, this is funny and goes a lot with how much people over-analyze things. With the honesty thing, I think it also depends on the delivery. I SUCK at lying, I'm always honest and straightforward with people but it always depends on how I say it is how they take it. I've become very good at telling people even things like how egocentric they are and they don't get mad at me. This all stems from me being too much of a people-pleaser and not wanting people to get mad at me for being honest. ha. Of course if you're this one girl and you refuse to admit your boyfriend wants to break up with you so you claim I'm egocentric and just want to break up their relationship so you throw a 3yr friendship out the window to save some face, you know that's cool too. -.-
5 years ago by freaksnproud #41228
"Can I be honest with you?" is one of the worst questions to ask anyone. It implies all of the above statements and no one will ever dislike you for asking, since they all understand what's about to come and why it's coming. They won't hate you for wanting to be honest, really. They'll hate you for pulling through with it.
5 years ago by moonfish #41227
whatever.. should I be bothered to make an insightful comment?
5 years ago by Denk #41225
Hooray for lying!
5 years ago by R2D2 #41223