Curb Your Indifference  Sep 26, 2010
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See, I met a man who told me once
"Sincerity's the key
And once you learn to fake it
Son you're gonna be home free"
--Dennis Deyoung

Sadly, true honesty is one of the most generally hated qualities a person can have. Even those who claim to appreciate it can seldom handle even a tiny bit of it themselves. Those who simply say what others want to hear will always advance farther in society so long as ego inflation is valued higher than the truth. In fact, the current stage of humor we are at is mostly based on the concept of revealing these suppressed truths, if only for a second. This behavior is probably the largest roadblock to human growth and is also one the great ironies in life. What people perceive as sincerity is usually the exact opposite of sincerity.

-swb September 26th '10
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