POPsickleCAPTIONcontest ONE  Aug 22, 2010
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It's that time of the year. When a comicker gets busy and behind schedule, what he do? Guest comics! But nobody likes me, so I'm doing a caption contest!

The winner of the contest gets 500 bonus points!

So, you have three options. A, B, and C. Any can be blank or can be a caption / dialog. Sorry, this isn't your usual contest, with an "Interesting Picture". You have to work with something boring, like I do!

Post your captions in the comments for this strip. The winner is determined by most likes. Self-likes and abuses will be removed when tallying the votes. Good luck on thy quest.

And the winners are...

#1 keudo, 14 votes

#2 cballard, 9 votes

#3 Bronin, 7 votes

#4 guitarpick8120, 5 votes

#5 lily, 5 votes

#6 quantumboy, 5 votes

I only listed the ones with 5 or more votes. Here is the full anonomized list. The comic picture will be updated as soon as I can. Hope you had fun. I look forward to the next contest.

-swb August 22nd '10
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5 years ago by keudo #36245
a)They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false b)We wants it, we needs it. Must have the Precious c)Stephen King directs LOTR
5 years ago by gollum #35963
Title: Fear And Loathing In The Forest b) OMG! i can talk!!! or you are drunk!! c) Dude, he's lying, don't trust him! It's only a bush after all...
5 years ago by sins86 #35833
c) Here we see the rare carnivorous bush about to strike at its waiting meal.
5 years ago by nezumi #35829
A) Whoa, shouldn't have had that burrito.
5 years ago by stickAddict #35795
A) *GASP* What have I done? C) The old man TOLD Dude not to feed his Chia Pet after midnight.
5 years ago by Bronin #35749
A) Oh dear! My legs are disproportionately long compared to the rest of my body! B) Don't complain. I am a random patch of grass in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason C) swb does caption contest
5 years ago by Denk #35665
I think I'll extend the contest another 24 hours before I tally votes. Give folks another day. So, tomorrow at 12 midnight CST.
5 years ago by swb #35645
A: I wish i had my gf with me for some behind the bush action. B: Gee Get a room you lousy pervert C: Crappy Pervert
5 years ago by matrix4535 #35644
A: Hey look! It's a bush! B: Hey look! It's a person! C: Yeah, not that funny.
5 years ago by ethansmith #35598
A: Kiss B: My C: Ass.
5 years ago by wsduvall #35565
A: Gasp! B: *Chirp* C: Dude freaks out after seeing a movie with Hitler in it. *Bonus Comic: An outline of Hitler's face around the bush... that serves as his mustache.
5 years ago by litetaker #35563
A. "Oh god, its a bush!" B. "(bushes don't talk)" C. "The end."
5 years ago by curtix #35550
A: Hmm... >] B: Stop. Fantasizing. C: This ain't real! Wake-y wake-y...
5 years ago by litetaker #35537
Everybody is talking about bushes. This is not a bush! Title: That sort of arguments A: "Let there be green, ugly slime!" B: Gaarglblobberspratzelllltchuuumppp! C: One of the lesser known, but equally likely to be true, creationist theories is the Theory of Great Green Arcleseizure, common on Viltwodl VI. Title text: Hatchoooooooo!!
5 years ago by Turion #35515
A: Whoa... weed! B: Wh- whe- oh no you didn't! Arrrgh! C: Survival 101: Difference between the "weed" and "killer weed".
5 years ago by litetaker #35364
Reunion A: WTF! A talking bush! B: OMG! A talking ape! C: Let's get back to nature! Title-text: WTF! A talking comics-reader!
5 years ago by quantumboy #35341
C: And now we watch, as the elusive vegan stalks his prey, the unaware bush, feeding comfortably in the evening night.
5 years ago by keudo #35331
A.) ...Aren't you supposed to be burning? B.) That's just an allegory.
5 years ago by lily #35324
A) I am stick figure man, destined to rule the world with my stick figure awesomeness B) You hide behind me every day to escape the loan sharks and the credit bureau and you haven't paid your ISP yet C) Stick figure man's plan to rule the world had a few fundamental problems
5 years ago by Denk #35319
Are those images in the journal a preview of how the 'reactions' feature will look like?
5 years ago by cballard #35294
A) Professor why the hell are you in a bush?! B) Shhh!! C) Turns out philosophy teachers aren't that imaginative when it comes to catching a pranker... *bonus frame/title-text: It might have worked had the bush not been in the middle of the classroom...
5 years ago by cballard #35293
A) You know sometimes I feel like I'm running out of inspiration. You know, I feel lonely and whatnot. B) Yes, I just keep it inside me once in a while, jerk. C) Stop posting your problems on your Facebook wall, nobody gives a rat's ass.
5 years ago by Angelo #35287
A) Who are you? B) I´m George W. Bush... Not that Bush... C) Parallel Universes
5 years ago by arnabiarritz #35285
A) Point B) Strawman C) Further, superfluous 'explanation'
5 years ago by Zalethon #35284
B) Don't even think about it buddy C) When you're bored on the family camping trip you can amuse yourself by locking the bathrooms and playing "talking bush"
5 years ago by Bronin #35282
C: James comes to the realization that all bushes look like clouds--not just in Super Mario Bros.
5 years ago by guitarpick8120 #35276
A: "I hope no one is hiding in that bush, hoping to scare me!" B:(blank) C: Sexist remarks like this are why Dude is single.
5 years ago by keudo #35260