POPsickleCAPTIONcontest ONE  Aug 22, 2010
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It's that time of the year. When a comicker gets busy and behind schedule, what he do? Guest comics! But nobody likes me, so I'm doing a caption contest!

The winner of the contest gets 500 bonus points!

So, you have three options. A, B, and C. Any can be blank or can be a caption / dialog. Sorry, this isn't your usual contest, with an "Interesting Picture". You have to work with something boring, like I do!

Post your captions in the comments for this strip. The winner is determined by most likes. Self-likes and abuses will be removed when tallying the votes. Good luck on thy quest.

And the winners are...

#1 keudo, 14 votes

#2 cballard, 9 votes

#3 Bronin, 7 votes

#4 guitarpick8120, 5 votes

#5 lily, 5 votes

#6 quantumboy, 5 votes

I only listed the ones with 5 or more votes. Here is the full anonomized list. The comic picture will be updated as soon as I can. Hope you had fun. I look forward to the next contest.

-swb August 22nd '10
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