boy girl friend  Nov 6, 2010
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4 years ago by haruhi #67206
The couple laughs at the lonely guy.(click the last panel)
4 years ago by keanneyuki #60993
Aw. The couple is so mean - making fun of lonely dude like that.
5 years ago by jjd #49618
This never happens to me.. I swear!!
5 years ago by Denk #47955
Ah, social influences... girls like guys who they see being liked by other girls. Popularity breeds popularity, for an apparent lack of objective or subjective measures to make decisions on... What strange creatures we are! What's going on in the final panel on the click-ey, I'm not sure what emotion/action is being conveyed...? Re: removed Stumble/reddit links, if they do nothing for you, good call... Have you considered a Facebook like button, or something to that effect (for the whole site, not individual strips). As a semi-permanent link from peoples profiles, as well as news-feed item on addition, this may work out better. Love the way you are linking to other comics, by author name, that looks nice, :-D
5 years ago by FleckerMan #47941