At The Factory  Mar 11, 2010
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About the lack of updates, the battery on my drawing pen is out and so has been my Internet, so, comics will come when I get those issues taken care of. As always, you can visit this page if you get bored.

-swb March 11th '10
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so, that explains that you`re taking care of those issues? nice
4 years ago by keanneyuki #60432
Finally we get to know how you let produce all the material for your comic strips! But the guy in the foreground on the right doesn't yet have a mouth!
5 years ago by Turion #31095
haha outsourcing heads.. work work O->--<
5 years ago by walkietokie #2005
Sigh, did something break again?
5 years ago by Barov #2004
When I first glanced at the man feeding the conveyor belt, I thought he was pouring completed lines in, rather than a constant liquid. Personally, I think that would have made a nice little judgment on the nature of industry. On the other hand, I still laughed, so everything worked out in the end. =D
5 years ago by Dylan #2003
:D They must outsource the heads.
5 years ago by adam #2002