Abstract Painting  Jan 6, 2010
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I guess the comment system has been broken for a few days. No one said anything, so I didn't know it was broken. I just figured everyone simultaneously decided to hate me. You know, like in real life.
-swb January 6th '10
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Was he referring to a sandwich or the painting?
5 years ago by Mr-doodles #614
I just hate you. Nothing special to say here.
6 years ago by keudo #610
How're we supposed to tell you the comments are broken? We weren't able to comment! *Blatantly ignores contact button* I was away from the internet for a couple of days, and when I got back, the comments weren't working. I figured you'd probably had your inbox flooded with complaints by that point, and adding my own to that would just be irritating for you. I didn't say anything for your benefit! Besides, we all hated you before, and we commented then. Right?
6 years ago by Dylan #605
Didn't know it was broken either, just my yearly WTF-is-life-for phase. Not even Dude could cheer me up.
6 years ago by cliff #602