abstract  Dec 30, 2010
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I'm experimenting with a new format. This is only a test.
-swb December 30th '10
It's perfect!
4 years ago by Samk6a #68104
nice. but it does make you think of why some abstract artists get so popular. like Pollock.....i could do that shit.....but he did it first. Pollock 1 - me 0
4 years ago by ShahSlayer #62674
I like it...
5 years ago by wsduvall #53835
Cool... interesting.. but I like the old way.
5 years ago by litetaker #53408
"Dan wat is die punt?" Nice.
5 years ago by wobster109 #53252
I am surprised at how good the Icelandic translation is. Usually translators just demolish it! As far as the new layout, not really diggin' it much, @swb. I understand *why* but it just doesn't seem to flow as smoothly as the old way. It is very entertaining reading the strip in other languages, though.
5 years ago by Chrysshart #53248
I like the font you used but not really the Guy: Blah blah Girl: Blah blah part. I like the little lines coming off of the people speaking.
5 years ago by AngelBoy342 #53226
The Afrikaans version is great... :) It's like English, no, wait, Dutch, no wait, wtf? Mmm, and the French makes her sound even more pretentious than she already is...oh, I'm loving this, trying all the different languages that I understand even a little of. :) -- Pete.
5 years ago by ThatGuyCalledPete #53167
The translation to dutch is very poorly img(http://i.imgur.com/lA7ft.gif)
5 years ago by MFan #53111
I'd like to save this to my computer, but the download button only saves the images, not the text. :(
5 years ago by kalel126 #53104
Mmmmm beeeer.
5 years ago by Bronin #53101
I CAN LEARN NEW LANGUAGES THIS WAY! It is a lot like reading a script so it doesn't flow as simply as a comic and the initial impact is lost somewhat. After I changed the language Google Chrome tried to change it back for me, lol.
5 years ago by freaksnproud #53100
I created a GOOGLE LOOPHOLE! Like a time warp, where you kill your grandfather and you never get born. English->Hungarian->English. I wonder what would happen with much more paradox loops, but my left hand already disappeared. GUY What is it? GIRL It's abstract art. GUY But what does it mean? GIRL Maybe it does mean anything. GUY Then what's the point? GIRL Maybe the point is to make you think about it. GUY Well, I did not think about anything. GIRL Maybe it's like, y'know, the simplicity of the structure. GUY Maybe it's just a stupid hunk of cement. GUY Wait. I get it. It's for hiding under cold beer. GIRL That's not what it's for. I'm going in the museum. GIRL walks away. GUY No, no, look at the shape. It's perfect! GUY reaches to retrieve structure under cold beer. GUY Ooh. GUY SITS, Leaning Against structure, drinking beer.
5 years ago by freemeson #53095
Didn't dig the format at all... Especially having the situations explained. Feels more like reading a script than reading a comic.
5 years ago by cballard #53093
It isn't as funny in Arabic. And I preferred it with the dialogue above their heads.
5 years ago by Bloo #53082
I found it kind of weird, but it can work. I mean I got the joke, but it seems so much hollower if it isn't over them. I don't imagine the voices if you put it next to them is really why I don't like it as much.
5 years ago by Corin #53080
It can work but not always. swb, the English to Hungarian translation is quite crappy. If you plan to keep the multilingual functionality I could provide Hungarian translations.
5 years ago by quantumboy #53079
How do you feel about the text on the side? Do you feel it has to be over the person instead of off to the side? I feel there are certain advantages to the screenplay format, but it definitely changes the dynamic of the comic. It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks.
5 years ago by swb #53078
popstrip in Irish is the best thing I've seen all month....
5 years ago by vinny #53076