a softer stick  Aug 23, 2010
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There have been those who would accuse you of ripping off the comic which shall remain unnamed (starts with an x and ends with kcd) in the past, but today I think it's safe to say that Randall totally copied you! I woke up this morning, read xkcd, and my first thought was "popstrip did it!" Also... funny strip!
5 years ago by pruneytoes #36292
Poor @googlebot and @yahoobot . I've never even read "A Softer World", I took a glimpse just now (meaning I read about 4) and..is it meant to be funny or..? I don't know.
5 years ago by Angelo #35804
I promised to give you more feedback so here it is. :) I like this one but unfortunately I don't know the comics you are parodizing here.
5 years ago by quantumboy #35720
Very awesome. These guys are low on my RSS list, but they are on there.
5 years ago by keudo #35621
It wasn't until the broken sentences felt familiar that I realised what you meant by "A Softer Stick". Nicely done.
5 years ago by adam #35620
Can't fathom what you are trying to do here.. But as parodies go, this one is pretty accurate
5 years ago by Denk #35607